Version 2.26
crystal version 2.26 is out!
This version delivers new features and improvements to crystal. Please find the updates below split by user type:

A member is a user who accesses the Advisor and Dashboard

We extended the supported filters in crystal. Now you can exclude a specific filter when asking for a topic, like the “breakdown of score by source excluding Spain”, or the “comparison of actual vs. budget not considering energy losses.”

An admin is a user who can configure crystal in the Self-Service Console.

As for the bulk publishing/unpublishing, you can also delete multiple topics with just two clicks. You can perform this action only when topics are in "ready" or "draft" status.

You can now rely on the [email protected] mail address for support.
Moreover, now you can check the available seats numbers for each project inside the settings menu.
Need help using crystal? Check out the full crystal tutorials here.
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