Version 2.47


General | Web (v2.47) & Mobile (3.0.28)

✔️ Conversation | Filters Values Recognition | Exact Match with Aliases

When you ask for a Topic and include a Dynamic Filter, Crystal will now recognize and apply the Filter Value correctly in 100% of cases if you write it in an exact match with its Conversational Alias.

✔️ Alerts | Anomaly Detection | New Topic Objectives Coverage

You are now able to request an Anomaly Detection for all the Topics belonging to the following Objectives:

  • Single-Column;

  • Clustered Column Single-Entity;

  • Clustered Column Multi-Entity with no Breakdown;

  • Clustered Column Multi-Entity with Breakdown;

  • Single Column Pos. Neg.;

  • 2D Scatterplot;

  • 3D Scatterplot;

You will receive a proactive notification in the event that a variation of the data underlying the Topic you selected has been detected by Crystal as an anomaly, as for the others Topics Objectives.

Check out the Alerts article to be informed on the full list of Topics Objectives covered!

Mobile (3.0.28) I iOS

✔️ Topic Card Revamp | Siri Enablement

You can still create shortcuts related to the Topic you're focusing on directly within the new Topic Card: just click on the "three dots" icon in each Topic Card!


General | Web (v2.47) & Mobile (3.0.28)

✔️ Share Topic | Missing Sharer Name in Custom Message

Now, when you receive a Topic shared with a custom message, you will always see the name of the sharer directly within the message, above the shared Topic.

✔️ Alerts | New Icon for Scheduled Topics

We've added a dedicated new icon in the Notification Center to help you distinguish Scheduled Topics from Anomaly Detection ones.

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