Version 2.14

Version 2.14 of crystal is out with several enhancements and bug fixes to guarantee a constantly optimized user experience.

Please find the updates below split by user type:

For Members

A member is a user who accesses the advisor and Dashboard

Disambiguation improvement

Disambiguation is a feature that comes into play when crystal asks for clarification in the event that more than one topic could be a match for what you’re asking for (read more here).

We have worked on supporting more disambiguation use cases to improve user experience, like, for example, when topics asked in a conversation with crystal are sharing the same entities and objectives, but display different breakdowns, or when the topics share same entities and breakdowns, but different objectives.

Alerting for multiline support

crystal now supports alerting for multi-line topic visualizations. Check the alerting article for more details

For Admins

An admin is a user who can configure crystal in the Self-Service Console.

Bug fixes

We have fixed bugs on the Self-Service console. Admin users can now delete topic only in the draft state, and not in publishing or un-publishing statuses. Also, the aggregation functions in the configuration of table topics are back to be independent in different columns.

Azure SQL as independent

Starting from this version, Azure SQL datasource can be found as an independent option in the Data Source settings menu.

Need help using crystal? Check out the full crystal tutorials here.

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