Data Stories

Data Stories offer you the chance to organize your topics based on your needs, thereby speeding up the exploration of your data. Furthermore, you can share them with colleagues and your teams.

To access Data Stories, simply click on the icon on the bottom left.

Data Stories present themselves as a vertical list of topics with which to interact as if they were elements of the Dashboard: you can perform all the actions reported in this article.

You can add or remove any topics you want from one or more Data Stories.

Create a new Data Story

Imagine you want to create a Data Story from scratch to organize your Topics.

At this stage, you have only created the Data Story, which serves as a container for your topics, and have assigned it a name. Now, you will need to add one or more topics of interest. Let's see how to do it in the next paragraph.

Add a topic to a Data Story

To add a topic to Data Stories, you will need to click on the appropriate button within the Topic, then select the Data Story(or more Data Stories) to which you want to add it. Here's how:

To speed up the operation, you can also use the search bar, particularly useful if you have created many Data Stories previously.

If you want to create a new Data Story for this specific topic instead, you can always do it within the "Add to Data Stories" panel:

Note: you can add up to a maximum of 100 Data Stories, each containing a maximum of 100 topics.

Inside the Data Story panel, you will also be able to preview the number of topics present in each Data Story, as well as the last change:

Remove a topic from a Data Story

You may want to remove a topic from your Data Story. There are two ways to do this.

  1. Straight from the topic, within the "Add to Data Stories" menu:

2. From the Data Story panel by selecting the "Remove topic" button within the topic you want to remove.

Rename a Data Story

Within the Data Stories panel, click on the button with 3 dots corresponding to the Data Story you want to rename, then select "Rename":

A new window will prompt, allowing you to rename the Data Story as you prefer.

Organise your Topics

You can customise the order in which the Topic Cards are displayed within each Data Story at any time.

Just click on the related icon placed on the top right of each Data Story to be able to sort your Topics in the order you prefer: the order you select will be remembered by Crystal until changed again.

There's more: when sorting the Topics, you are also informed of the associated Dynamic Filters and Time Range of each Topic, so you can better distinguish identical Topics from each other.

Delete a Data Story

To delete a Data Story, select it and click on the button with 3 dots, then on "Delete."

A confirmation message will prompt, informing you that the deletion is permanent. To confirm, click on the "Yes, delete" button:

Share your Data Story

If you wish, you can share your Data Stories with a colleague or group of colleagues.

You can also attach a personalized message to your sharing and choose to send them an email to notify them.


Every time you share a Data Story with a user, they will receive a notification within their notification panel and, if desired, an email.

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