Version 2.48


General | Web (v2.48) & Mobile (3.0.29)

✔️ Anomaly Detection for Overtime Topics

You are now able to request an Anomaly Detection for all the Topics belonging to the following Overtime objective:
  • Multi-line (Single Entity)
  • Multi-line (Multi-Entity)

✔️ Descriptive Analytics | Independence | Average and Variability

Among the automatically generated Topic Insights, you can now benefit from information on the average and variability of the variables that make up the Topic.

✔️ Intro Messages | Crystal Response Time Reduction

We have significantly reduced Crystal's response time, ensuring you quicker and more efficient interactions.


General | Web (v2.48) & Mobile (3.0.29)

✔️ Consistent Insights in All Languages

To ensure clarity in all languages, the Descriptive Analytics Feature section will now be titled "Insights." This provides a unified experience for all users.

Mobile (3.0.29)

✔️ Topic Card Revamp | Visual Enhancements
We've made general Visual improvements to the Topic Card, ensuring that all components are visually aligned and providing a consistent user interface.

✔️ Landscape Mode Enhancements

In Landscape mode, the rotation icon to exit Expand Mode is now properly positioned, enhancing your experience. Additionally, we simplified the overall interface.

✔️ Siri Integration with Overtime Objectives (iOS)

We fixed Siri Integration when asking about Overtime Objectives, eliminating any errors that occurred previously.

Just for Admin users

✔️ Console | Permissions enhancements
Now, you can track the number of groups a user is in and view all group affiliations. Removing users from specific groups is also easier, giving you efficient control over group management.
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