Version 2.7

crystal Version 2.7 is now available. In the summer months, we worked on the consolidation of existing features, new data connectors (more to come in future releases) and bug fixing.

Please find the updates below split by user type:

For Members

A member is a user who accesses the advisor and the Dashboard

Enhancements of list and ranking topics

  1. Exporting more than 1000 rows: Before, when trying to export a listing or ranking topic with more than 1000 rows, you could only export the first 1000 rows. This is no longer a limitation — you can now export all rows, letting members download a complete table. To do so, bring up the topic in the advisor and click the download button. For downloads of larger files, it will proceed in the background and you’ll receive a notification when it’s ready.

  2. Sorting: List and ranking topics will now indicate which column it’s being sorted by. Please note that sorting is disabled in listing or ranking topics with more than 1000 rows (you must export it to see all the data).

Alerting bug fixes

The following bugs encountered in the setting and management of alerts were fixed:

  1. Setting static threshold and adaptive alerts in Italian: In Italian projects, crystal would sometimes set an adaptive alert when the user requested a static threshold alert. crystal’s conventional NLP models were reviewed, and this no longer happens.

  2. Using the € symbol: Using the Euro symbol when asking crystal to set an alert would lead to an error message. This has been fixed.

  3. % symbol in Alert Settings screen: If an alert was set with a percentage threshold, the threshold used to show a € symbol instead of a % symbol. The correct symbol will now be shown.

Other bug fixes

The following bugs elsewhere in the advisor were fixed:

  1. Incorrect error message if data is 0: If the member asked for a topic with data being 0 (i.e. show me total costs -> total costs are 0), crystal would show a general error message rather than a specific indication that there’s no data to show. This flow has been updated.

  2. Clearing filters caused Dashboard to freeze: If the member cleared all filters in the Dashboard, the topics would freeze in loading. This has been fixed.

  3. Currency abbreviation inside Donut charts: Currency values in the center of a Donut chart wouldn’t abbreviate, causing it to overflow outside the chart. These values are now always abbreviated when shown in the center of the donut. So, if the value is $49,687,830, it will show as $49.7m inside the donut.

For Admins

An admin is a user who can configure crystal in the Self-Service Console

MySQL (8.0+) added as native data connector

Admins can now connect data during topic configuration directly from a MySQL database — with no need to use the Web Connector.

PostgreSQL connection bug fixes

The following bugs encountered when connecting data from PostgreSQL databases were fixed:

  1. Capitalized object names with mandatory filters: If an admin’s PostgreSQL database had capitalized (or upper-case) object names connected with mandatory filters, the topic wouldn’t be configured successfully. This has been fixed.

  2. Long join keys blocked topic creation: If the join key of a PostgreSQL database exceeded 64 characters, the configuration process wouldn’t move forward. This has been fixed.

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