Want to have a clear overview of the Topics you have permission to view, making it simple to find and analyze them? The Topics section is the tool you are looking for.

You can search your topics for an in-depth analysis (also being provided with filter selection) and interact with them in many ways.

  • The topic and the filter values available in the Topics section depend on your topic view permissions.

  • The entity list is provided alphabetically and the topics within it are ordered by the most recent to the least recent

  • The filters you select are saved for the next session, including the time range.

  • Text topics are not displayed in the Topics section.


The Topics section is always accessible from the Advisor by clicking on its button as shown below:

The Topics section is divided into the following sections:

  • Entity list

  • Topic list

  • Time Range

  • Filters

Entity List

The entity list is the first selection you will encounter when opening the Topics section.

Each entity is listed alphabetically and will have the number of topics in which it appears listed below its name and will allow the user to see them by clicking on the entity, opening the Topic List

Topic List

After clicking on an entity the list of the topics containing the selected entity will be opened.

The topics are shaped as cards, one by row, listed by creation date ( from last to first created)

To explore the elements and features in the topic card, all is described here

Time Range

At the top right of the Topics section, you will find the time range button showing the start and the end date.

By clicking on it, a list of time frame presets will be shown, allowing you to select a standard time range for all of the topics within the Topics section.

The time frame presets, which include this year, last year, last 6 months, last 3 months, and last month are calculated from the current day. For example, if the request is done on 08.11.2022 - the last year's filter will go back to 08.11.2021.

Additionally, to provide you with more choices, by selecting Customized, you can select the date you prefer, which will be applied to all the topics within the Topics section and will be permanent until a new date is selected.

Finally, you will be able to select dates in the future, when available.


When available, you can apply one or more filters to your topics.

As displayed in the video, filters are organized by filter name (like sales agent, forecast month, or account).

The search bar may help you to speed up your filter research in case of a significant number of filters:

For each filter, you can select a specific value.

Just click on the drop-down menu button on the right side of the filter to view them, then choose the ones you prefer and click on "Select" to confirm:

You can, also, apply multiple values from multiple filters.

To finalize the operation, select as many values as you need, then click on the "Apply" button down below.

To remove one or more applied values for a filter, instead, click on the "X" button.

To remove multiple values from multiple filters, click on the "Clear all" button below, and all the filters will be removed resulting in a complete refresh to Topics section default settings.

Organise your Topics

You are now able to customize the order in which the Topic Cards are displayed within each Entity section of the Topics section: just click on the related icon placed on the top right of each Entity section to be able to sort your Topics in the order you prefer.

The change applied will be permanent until changed again.

Topics on Mobile

The Topics section is available on mobile too, both on iOS and Android.

Here's a quick preview on iOS:

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