Dashboard: what it is and how it works
The Dashboard is a crystal area where all the topics that you have permissions to view and interact with are displayed. On your Dashboard, you can browse these topics with the related visualizations and, if there are filters, you can apply them to the visualizations.
Note that the Dashboard is an optional area and it is only visible if the admin has enabled it.
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Let’s see how the Dashboard is created, how to enable or disable it as an admin, and how to view it as a member.

The Dashboard is a collection of all the topics with the related visualizations of a project. The members will see in the Dashboard only the topics they have received permissions for from the admins.
This feature is divided into multiple sections.
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At the top right we have the time range filter button with an optional root filters button, for filters that apply to all the Dashboard topics.
By clicking the time range filter button two date pickers and a list of time range shortcuts will be shown, to allow the user to select a standard time range more easily for all of the Dashboard topics. Mind that, in the case of the Dashboard, filters as last year, last 6 months, last 3 months and last month are calculated from the current day (e.g. if request is done on 08.11.2021 - last year filter will go back to 08.11.2020).
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The time range filter is always present. The list of time range shortcuts is taken from the same list that the admin users see in the crystal Self-Service Console, in the system settings. The default time range when the user opens the Dashboard is the same chosen by the admins here:
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Then we have several sections, each one with a title and a tile for each topic belonging to that section. Sections have an optional section filters button, which applies only to that section.
The sections are lists of topics grouped by the main entity for the topic. Each section title is the name of that entity. The users will see in the Dashboard all of the topics they have access to.
The root filters are filters in common to ALL of the topics in the Dashboard (this circumstance is not very common).
Section filters are those filters that are in common to 75% OR MORE of the topics in the section.
Filter values are ALL the values available for one filter, regardless of user permissions.
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Clicking a filter button reveals a list of filters that can be related to the single section or the whole project.
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By clicking on a filter you will see a list of all the filter values available for that filter.
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If the user selects a filter, the selected value will be shown alongside the filter in this tab.
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Admins can enable and disable the Dashboard from the system settings.
  • Users can change the order of tiles in the Dashboard, but the order is not persistent at the moment (it will go back to what it was after the page is refreshed).
  • The filters the user selects are saved for the next session, with the exception of the time range filter.
  • Text topics are not shown in the Dashboard.
  • Section filter values available don’t consider permissions.
  • Some topics might have filters within the visualisation and not in the filter section as it is shown here:
Before filtering:
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After filtering:
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We hope this article was useful to learn more about the advisor and the related features.
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