How do I know which Crystal version I’m using?

Knowing the version of crystal you are using can help in case of problems or to check if all features are up to date.

To find out if you are using the current version, all you have to do is to access crystal and check the profile settings menu.

If you are a member

If you are a member user and you are experiencing crystal from your browser, you just need to click on your avatar on the upper right corner and open the profile settings menu, where you will find information about the version you are using.

If you are using an iOS device, just tap on the settings icon on the upper left corner to open the profile menu and find your crystal version.

This is also valid if you are using an Android device.

If you are an admin

You can access your profile like the members do, from mobile and web, but also from the Self-Service Console.

In all cases, if your crystal version is updated, you will have the chance to click on the version label and access the Release notes section of our Resources to see in detail the features and updates belonging to the last release.

We hope this article was helpful! Check out our tutorials for more information on crystal!

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