Version 2.44


General | Web (v2.44) & Mobile (3.0.26)

✔️ Alerts | Anomaly Detection | New Topic Objectives Coverage

You are now able to request an Anomaly Detection for all the Topics belonging to the following Objectives:

  • List;

  • Ranking;

  • Description;

  • Composition

You will receive a proactive notification in the event that a variation of the data underlying the Topic you selected has been detected by Crystal as an anomaly, as for the others Topics Objectives.

Check out the Alerts article to be informed on the full list of Topics objectives covered!

✔️ Data Stories & Dashboard | Sorting

You are now able to customise the order in which the Topic Cards are displayed within each Data Story and each Entity section within the Dashboard: just click on the related icon placed on the top right of each Data Story and each entity section within the Dashboard to be able to sort your Topics in the order you prefer.

There's more: just for the Data Stories, when sorting the Topics, you are also informed of the associated Dynamic Filters and Time Range of each Topic, so you can better distinguish identical Topics from each other.

✔️ Conversation | Multiple Filters Application

You are now able to specify a single Dynamic Filter and multiple Filter Values at the same time in your conversation with Crystal in such a way that you will not have to type the Dynamic Filter Name for each Filter Value you wish to apply to the Topic: enjoy a smoother conversation with Crystal!

Just for Admin users

✔️ Users with Pending Invitations | Send Reminder

You are now able to send a reminder to join Crystal to each user who has not yet logged in for the first time: just check the dedicated area related to the Pending Invitations in Users within the Console to send all the reminders you need.



General | Web (v2.44) & Mobile (3.0.26)

✔️ Alerts | Anomaly Detection | Avoid Duplication via Conversation

if an Anomaly Detection on a specific Topic has been already settled with the dedicated button, Crystal will now prevent you from setting it twice directly from the Conversation, remind you that Anomaly Detection has been already settled.

✔️ Excel | Download | Time Range

Once downloading a Topic, in the related Excel you have access in a single cell to the whole data time range associated with the Topic in order to not to have to check the data manually to find out both the starting date and the end date.

Just for Admin users

✔️ Console | Preview | Hide Null Metrics

When configuring a Topic, if you would like to use the Topic Visualization Preview, now the Null Dimensions with Null Metrics are automatically filtered out, if present.

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