Crystal Mobile v3.0.38

Below are the new features and bugs fixed in the latest version of Crystal for Mobile.

🆕 Enhanced Integration of Magic Keyboard with iPad

You can now use the integrated trackpad of the Magic Keyboard to scroll through content without the need to touch the iPad's screen.

This marks a leap in convenience and efficiency and allows you to optimize your overall experience with the Magic Keyboard on the iPad while interacting with Crystal.

✔️ Inconsistent Date Range reversion when applying a time filter for different time zones on Android

Before - when you used a specific time filter and then moved to a different timezone (e.g., "San Francisco" with a -9-hour offset), the date range was not consistent and it reverted back by one day every time the time range dialog was opened within the Topic Card.

Now - regardless of the time zone, when you request a topic with an applied time range, Crystal maintains a consistent date range without unexpected changes.

✔️ Notification Center Download Failure for PDF and Excel on Android

Before - when you tried to download a PDF or an Excel file directly from the related notification within the Notification Center, no action occurred.

Now - you can download PDF or Excel files directly from the corresponding notifications in the Notification Center.

Bugs and fixes are regular activities for the iGenius team, but your contribution as a Crystal user is crucial! If you need more help with Crystal, visit our Resources.

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