Version 2.4

crystal is growing fast: that’s why we sometimes need to stop and strengthen what we’ve done so far.

Version 2.4 of our product is therefore based on improving stability before going ahead with further enhancements and new functionalities.

This version is mostly focused on what happens behind the scenes: i.e. improving crystal’s usability by fixing bugs and components that mostly remain invisible to end users.

Console - Topic creation enhancements

As the community of users expand, the use cases are also growing. In order to meet the need of an increasing number of different customers and multiple purpose projects, crystal is implementing several elements during the topic configuration phase.

Let’s see in detail what’s new.

Column type now allows to customize units of measurement

Until now, multiple options could be chosen as units of measurement for the column type during the topic configuration phase. In order to meet every users’ need, among the most popular ones, crystal now allows the user to set up custom units of measurement.

If the wanted unit is not present in the menu, admins users can type and add the needed option, which will be used in the formatting of the values represented in the topics in the advisor. For example, users can use “barrels” or “feet”. But even apples! Every unit of measurement, no matter how peculiar it is, can be supported by crystal!

Count distinct: a new aggregation function

There is a new aggregation function for the columns that can be used during the topic configuration to facilitate the data query. From now on, the admin users can choose the new “Count distinct” to aggregate data: this function counts all the rows in a table that share the same value only once and it is useful to eliminate repeated values from the count.

For example, if we want to count the orders made from different agents and every agent is present in multiple table rows, this function will aggregate the related orders instead of repeating more rows for the same agent.

This enhancement will only impact admin users: members won’t notice any difference and won’t need to change the way they ask questions to the advisor.


Stabilization of full text search phase

This feature regards the implementation of a new tech logic that enables the system to understand a filter value from an utterance, even if the value itself has missing or different characters.

In other words, the system will recognize a word inside the search even when it is misspelled.

For example, if we type “United Kigom”, the system will still be able to understand that the query is “United Kingdom”.

This will improve the user experience, allowing the users to save time.

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