Version 2.9

crystal Version 2.9 is now available. We spent most of this release refining what we’ve got, with a big focus on bug fixing.

Please find the updates below split by user type:

For Members

A member is a user who accesses the advisor and Dashboard

Improvement to requesting description topics

To make the conversation smoother and more natural, we made it simpler to ask crystal to bring up description topics. Before, to ask for a description topic, you would have to include the label of the value. Meaning you’d have to ask such things as:

  • “Can you show me the description of the agent, John Smith?”

  • “Give me an overview of the product, Blue Jeans”

This was to avoid misclassifications, but made the conversation unnecessarily cumbersome. WIth the latest update, all you need to ask is:

  • “Can you show me the description of John Smith?”

  • “Give me an overview of Blue Jeans”

Then crystal will be able to understand and deliver the right topic.

Over time topic bug fix

  1. crystal repeated ‘average’ in some over time intro messages: At times, if you asked for an over time topic (i.e. “show me the trend of total sales”), crystal would repeat the word average (i.e. “Let’s check the average of Average sales”), causing confusion. This now doesn’t happen (i.e. “Let’s check the average sales”)

Dashboard bug fix

  1. Legends weren’t displayed on mobile app: In topics requiring a legend — such as cluster columns — the legend would sometimes not show on the Dashboard in mobile versions of crystal. This now doesn’t happen, and the legend appears as expected.

Filtering bug fix

  1. Filters falsely described as inapplicable: Sometimes, a value can be part of both an applicable filter and a non-applicable filter. For example, a total sales over time topic may have Region as an applicable filter, with China being one value inside that filter. Though 'China' might also be a part of Product Type, a non-applicable filter in this case. When users asked for such a value in the past, crystal would mistake the value as not applicable and bring up an error message. This now doesn’t happen — crystal will identify the right filter and answer accordingly.

For Admins

An admin is a user who can configure crystal in the Self-Service Console.

SAP Hana now natively supported by crystal

Admins can now connect data during topic configuration directly from a SAP Hana database.

Period comparison now available

During the configuration of single line over time topics, admins can now enable members to see period comparisons (or reference lines) inside the visualization itself. This is enabled for previous period and year over year comparisons.

For example, a single line visualization could contain one line showing data for the last six months, and another one showing data for the previous six months to allow easy comparisons.

To use this new feature, complete the ‘Period comparison’ field inside the configure step while creating a single over time topic.

Other bug fixes

  1. Updating the main entity of published topics didn’t work: When admins tried to update an entity (such as “sales”), the related topics would go from “published” to “publishing”, but the entity wouldn’t then update. This now shouldn’t happen, and the entity in the related topics should update in the end.

  2. Some text didn’t display correctly: The button to create a table join and the menu that pops up to delete a data source used to have incorrect text inside it. This has been fixed, and users should see the expected text.

  3. Tooltip positioning when adding forth measure column: Previously, when an admin tried to add a fourth measure column (which isn’t possible in crystal), the tooltip message to explain this isn’t possible would obscure a significant part of the window. This tooltip has now been moved, so admins can still see the fields they need to.

Need help using crystal? Check out the full crystal tutorials here.

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