Version 2.35

crystal version 2.35 is out!

This version delivers new features and improvements to crystal. Please find the updates below split by user type:

For Members

A member is a user who accesses the Advisor and Dashboard

The new Advisor Look

Crystal changes its look to make your data more intuitive and enjoyable to explore.

Get to know some of the exciting news:

  • Tap on the new floating icon (Gravitonium) to start your conversation

  • Personalize your experience with the new custom themes in the account settings

  • Discover the new contents in the sidebar (including the Descriptive Analytics)

And much more!

Descriptive Analytics

Crystal is now able to provide you with a totally new set of additional information on your data.

Ask her about a topic, and you’ll gain access to more actionable insights to boost the interpretation of your graph.

Just check the sidebar on the right of the screen in the web app or in the expanded mode of your topic on the mobile app and get the most out of your data!


Exploring your data now is smoother than ever: we introduced the autocompletion feature, enabling crystal to anticipate your next question as you type by suggesting the most relevant topics, also based on your conversation history.

This feature is available both on mobile and web app, and you can enable or disable it as you like.

Give it a try!

Share your topics

You can now share your topics one by one with your colleagues and explore your data together.

Just click the share button in the advisor or dashboard topic, select a user or group and they’ll get a notification of the shared topic - even an email, if you prefer.

You can also add a message to customize your sharing even more.

The new Notification Center

All your notifications are now available in one place, including forecasts, downloaded and shared topics, and much more!

The new Ask Button

You can reask crystal about a topic by clicking the “Ask” button inside a topic.

This is really useful when you’re checking back on your past questions: you’ll be free to resume from there without losing the context of your current conversation with crystal.

Context enhancements

We extended the context support to all notification items, like shared topics, forecasts, and alerts. Just click on the notification and keep exploring your data without losing the context of your conversation.

For Admins

An admin is a user who can configure crystal in the Self-Service Console.

Product Analytics

Inside the console, you will find the new Analytics dashboard, allowing you to track the crystal usage by your team members. That includes the number of active users, asked questions, the average of asked questions per user, and more.

Maximum values in the topic configuration

We updated the maximum values available in the topic configuration to provide you with the best experience in terms of velocity and reliability. More details are available here.

Need help using crystal? Check out the full crystal tutorials here.

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