Topic creation: topic details

Once you’ve finished the four steps of the topic creation process you will be able to access the topic detail view directly from the topic management area if your topic is ready or published status. If your topic is in draft status, you will be directed to finish the topic creation process.

The topic detail view is useful when you may want to double-check how it was created, edit something of an already published topic, or you simply want to have a look at a ready topic before publishing it.

When you click on the topic tile you will access the topic details view.

Here you see a preview of the topic visualization (in this case a single line chart) and all the topic details to be checked.

If you click on Edit topic permissions you will be redirected to the permission view, where you can check or change the users or users’ groups that are authorized to see this topic.

If your topic has static filters, you will have the opportunity to check and edit also the permissions for the filter values.

Back on the topic detail view, you will see a checklist of the four steps included in the topic creation process. If you click on the arrows next to each one, you will open the details related to every step of the process.

If your topic is in ready status you can access the edit button of each step of the topic creation process.

If your topic is in published status and you want to change something on the topic, you have to first click on unpublish to unpublish the topic.

If you click on Edit, you will be redirected back to the step to change the topic details.

The connect details show the data tables that the topic is based on.

In the configure details we can see the type of objective and related visualization selected and the data that define the topic.

The filter step shows the dynamic filters, if present, that the topic is using: in this case country and default time.

Last but not least, the train step detail shows the suggested questions for the advisor to retrieve the related insights.

Once you have revised all the topic details, if you want to publish this topic, click on publish: you will see the topic status changing from ready to publishing.

Note that it usually takes a while for publishing a topic: in the meantime, you can click on close and go back to the topic area of the Self-Service Console to continue working on other topics.

When the publishing process will be over, you will see your topic status change from publishing to published. You have to refresh the page to be able to see this change in status.

Great! Now you know everything about the topic creation process. It is the time to interact with your advisor!

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