Version 2.37

Crystal NEW version 2.37 is out!

This version adds new features and improvements to Crystal. Please find the updates below:

For Members

A Member is a user who accesses the Advisor and Dashboard.

New Dashboard Design (Web and Mobile)

We redesigned the Dashboard around entities: now you can group your topics by specific entities, star your favorite ones, filter them by title and time interval, and much more.

Anomaly Detection Improvements

We extended anomaly detection also on Progress and Composition topics, allowing you to activate it from the Topic Card directly.

Descriptive Analytics Improvements

The Descriptive Analytics are now available for the Description topics too.

We also created a new card for the Overtime topic (“Trend Detection”) and for the Pos. Neg. Single Column topic ("Pos. Neg. Distribution").

Your cards will be always available in French and German too, if provided for your plan (refer to "For Admins" here below).

Data Storytelling

Data Storytelling allows you to arrange and collect your favorite cards in Data Stories.

Create, edit and share your stories with your colleagues and explore your data together right away!

For Admins

An Admin is a user who can configure Crystal in the Self-Service Console.

New languages available

We expanded Crystal language support to German and French.

Based on your plan, select these new languages as you configure a topic to enable your team to interact with Crystal in German and French!

Need help using Crystal? Check out the full tutorials here.

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