Version 2.39



✔️ Settings of suggestion tips in "Explore your data"

In the "Explore your data" section from now on you'll see a maximum of 6 suggestions. Any of them will not contain filters.

✔️ Max number of Data Stories and Topics within a Data Story

You can create up to 20 Data Stories. All of them can contain a maximum of 20 Topics.

Just for Admin users

✔️ Updates on product limitations

The maximum number of columns per table has been increased to 120. Note that 120 is the maximum number of columns also when creating joins between different tables.

Web (v2.39)

✔️ Time of persistence of the login

Access to Crystal will persist for 7 days. After this period, the session will expire and you will need to re-enter your login credentials.

Starting from this version, the right sidebar is always visible and it will no longer be possible to compress it.

✔️ Number of created Topics for each Entity

Within the Dashboard, for each Entity shown in the left sidebar, you can see the number of associated Topics.

✔️ Visualization order of Topics in Data Stories

The Topics present in each Data Story will be displayed in the order in which they were added, from the oldest to the most recent, so that the most recently added will appear at the bottom.

✔️ Strengthening the ability to forecast

You can now request the forecast of a Topic even with just one Data Point.

iOS and Android (v3.0.23)

✔️ Adding Data story

Even from mobile apps you can now use the Data Story feature and then:

  • create Data Stories by adding cards with their own time periods and dynamic filters;

  • share Data Stories with other users.

✔️ Redirection from the sharing email of a Topic

Once a Topic has been shared by email, the link to the Topic can redirect:

  • directly to the Crystal mobile application if this is already installed and if you are logged in to the environment where the Topic was shared;

  • to login on the web application in all those cases different from the previous one.



Web (v2.39)

✔️ Custom time range persistence within the Dashboard

Once you apply a custom time range to a Topic set within the Dashboard, the setting will persist until a new period is selected.

✔️ Uniqueness of the titles of each Data story

Data story titles will always be made unique by an automatic system that will add, in the presence of duplicates, values such as "(1)" or "(2)" to allow distinction.

✔️ Topic already present in other Data Stories

When adding a Topic within a Data Story, the system now notifies if it's already present in other Data Stories.

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