Start with Crystal

Crystal, your virtual advisor, turns your data into easily understandable and actionable insights that help you drive smart decision-making and makes your business more adaptive to change: the more you talk to Crystal, the more you’ll get out of your platform.
But how do we interact with Crystal? Here you will find a quick overview that can be useful in case of first accesses.

Intro to Crystal: Cell

As soon as you log into Crystal, Cell, our fantastic purple floating bubble will be there waiting for you.
To start your conversation just click on it and it will introduce you to the Advisor.

Interact with the Advisor

Communication with your Crystal Advisor is meant to be simple.
As you would do with a person, you can either:
  • Chat, by typing your questions into the text area and pressing "Enter" on your keyboard;
  • Talk, by pressing the microphone button on the page and simply dictating your question.
Make sure that your microphone is enabled in your browser before trying to interact vocally or no message will be recorded and no question will be formulated.
Based on your Crystal configuration, you will be able to interact with the Advisor in up to 5 languages: English, Italian, Spanish, German, and French.
Many more are to come!

How to ask questions

Unlocking precious insights for your business is just one question away.
To make sure the Advisor correctly understands your questions, especially in the first period of interaction, you should formulate questions in a clear and concise way, but how do you do it?
Here are a few tips to keep your questions straight to the point:
  • Start with a request, a command or, why not, a greeting! (e.g. "Can I see", "Show me", "Hey Crystal!").
  • Specify either the name of the topic you want to ask for (or the entities, or the value aliases) with the objectives which have been set up (e.g. Comparison between Sales and Leads, Breakdown of Users by Country, Ranking of Sellers by Revenue, Average Revenues over time by month).
The topic name is the only mandatory info you need to provide when you don't have enough time!
  • Add a time range to capture a specific moment in time of your data (e.g. "in the past six months", "for the last year", "in 2019", "until 31/12/2020").
If you don't specify any time range, the default one - configured by your Admin - will be applied instead.
  • Last but not least, if you want to further narrow down your results, add specific filters among the ones available for your selected topic (e.g. for Spain, for smartphones, for the Main Office).


Need a conversation starter? We got you covered!
To help you get going with Crystal, you will always find 6 Suggestions Tips ready to inspire you: it will be sufficient to click on the one of interest to have it in conversation and proceed to deepen it with the help of Crystal.
In need of more info? Please find them on the Suggestions dedicated page here.


After requesting any topic, just above the Suggestions section, a side panel will appear containing some useful Insights: a set of textual cards that will immediately provide you with useful information about your data without having to "read" the relative graph!
Want to know more? Check this article to learn more about it.

Past questions

Crystal allows you to check your previous questions at any time.
To do so, just click on the "Past Questions" button at the top of your screen and you'll be able to roll back in your conversation history up to your very first question to recover any previous question and related topics!


Crystal’s mission is to simplify the interaction with your data and - let’s face it - most times data is complicated. For this reason, we added an additional layer of simplification to the conversation: Disambiguation.
If your project contains entities, filters, or objectives which are too similar among them, Crystal will automatically detect similarities and ask you to disambiguate between uncertain values through an easy-to-use selection component, to ensure you get exactly the answer you expect: check it out this article to discover more!

Profile Settings

In the icon at the bottom left of Crystal, you will find your Profile Settings to manage a wide range of options related to your account and to your Advisor:
  1. 1.
    Be always aware of the overall Alerts settled in the Alerts area;
  2. 2.
    Be able to change how your Advisor looks by simply changing your theme: two themes are at your disposal in a Crystal-style palette!
  3. 3.
    Be able to choose your Advisor's language - the available languages depend on your Console configurations and plan subscription, contact your Admin for more info;
  4. 4.
    Be always guided through the Advisor and its main features with these Resources, always at your fingertips, directly embedded in Crystal;
  5. 5.
    Be made aware of your Advisor's last version;
  6. 6.
    Be able to log out any time you want.