Why can't I see the Advisor once I have logged into Crystal?

You’ve logged into crystal and everything looks fine, but then you realize you can’t actually see the advisor.

What is going on?

Depending on whether you are an admin or a member, there might be different reasons.

Let’s try to understand.

If you are an admin

Once a topic has been configured and published, it is a good idea to test it by asking the advisor a question connected to it and see if you can get the related insights. Also asking users to test this topic is an equally good idea.

It is also very important to consider the level of permissions which have been granted to user groups for each specific topic, since these will restrict visibility and access to the data.

Either when there are yet no topics created in a project or if a user who is not authorized to interact with a given topic asks the advisor about it, a message like this will be shown:

Even though one or more topics have been created and published, users might still be presented with the above message (which says that no topics have been created), since permissions haven’t been configured. It basically means that there are no topics for this user, regardless that there are topics for which this user is not given permission or that the topic management area is totally empty.

As a consequence, crystal will display this message and won’t show the advisor as it normally would, until the user has been allowed to ask crystal about one topic at least.

You might also receive a notification from one or more of your project members to warn you they don’t have permission to see a specific topic.

In both cases, all you have to do is go to the Self-Service Console and:

  • Configure your first topic, if you don’t have any yet.


  • Assign permissions to the users that need to interact with a given topic, if possible.

If you are a member

Also if you are a member you could see this empty state, whenever there are no topics yet, or in case you are not authorized by the admins to see any of them.

This might happen because admins still have to configure the topics: let them know about your experience and they will be able to help.

Another problem you might come across during the interaction with the advisor, is when you are asking about a topic and you get the following response:

This is happening because you don’t have permissions to see this specific topic.

You followed these steps and you are still unable to see the advisor? Then you should contact us and let us know: we will take charge of your case as soon as possible!

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