The User area: what it is and how it works

The console is the area where Crystal Admins go to create and set up the topics that will be asked by members to the Advisor in the conversation. They also access the Console to manage the project’s users and related settings.

The Console is divided into two main sections: Topics, where the creation, set up and editing of a topic takes place, and Users, dedicated to all the people who are part of a project.

Here an Admin can see the name of the person or group of people invited. In case of individual users, you can see their email address In case of a group, you can see the number of people inside it, the role (Member or Admin) of contacts added, the source where they came from (added manually or from Google Workspace IDP) and their status (if they’re active or if they haven’t accepted the invitation yet).

The Admins can choose to add single users or groups of users to the project manually, like in this case:

Or they can import single contacts or groups by IDP (currently Google Workspace).

In all cases, admins must decide, while adding new users to the project, whether they will be invited as admins or members. In the case of a group, roles cannot be assigned to single members, but to the whole group, so all people in that group must be either members or admins.

Users will get an email notification to tell them they are invited to join a crystal project.

Their status will remain pending until they accept the invitation and log in to crystal.

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