Version 2.40



✔️ Scheduled Alerts

Directly within the Topic, in the "three dots menu", by clicking on "Schedule" you will be able to plan how often a specific Topic should be proposed to you in Advisor by receiving a dedicated notification.

How to set it?

  • define a start date (day and hour);

  • define the frequency of repetition - daily, weekly, monthly and yearly - that can be optional;

  • choose specific weekdays of repetition - that can be optional.

These Scheduled Alerts that you settle can be easily retrieved in the Alerts area within the Profile Settings, in the dedicated "Scheduled Topics" tab, in which you can always be informed on the following details:

  • Topic title;

  • Filters applied (if present);

  • Threshold;

  • Frequency;

  • Next Notification.

You can set a maximum of 10 Scheduled Alerts.

✔️ Automated Insights

We extended the available cards for each Topic objective - excluding Highlights Topics: you will find an enriched textual content with the aim of better supporting in your data key insights search.

✔️ Onboarding

Are you a beginner with Crystal? Find out our ready-to-use guide directly embedded in Crystal that allows to better get familiar with it and its core features.

It's available within the Profile Settings area as Resources where each main feature is presented with the related page explaining you the proper functioning.

Just for Admin users

✔️ Centralised Permissions

You are now allowed to manage centrally Topics and Filters permissions for each user and group. In particular, you can assign or revoke the permissions for specific topics and filter values on multiple targets. Consequently, the target users and groups can view and interact with those topics and filter values for which they have the assigned permissions.




✔️ Export | Topic title

Whenever you request a Topic exporting whether in Excel or PDF format, to better identify the exported file in your device's Download folder, it will always have the Topic title specified as file name.

✔️ Ask Button | Context

When a Topic is pushed in conversation through the Ask button, you are able to keep the context of the Topic: let's proceed with the conversation and apply new filters to discover more about it!

✔️ Forecast | Topic title within the notification

When a forecast you requested for is ready, you can always rely on a notification in which the Topic title is specified: click on it to discover you forecast.

Web (v2.40)

✔️ Screen Resize | Auto-fit

When you perform a screen zoom resize of the Web App, Crystal will be automatically adapted within the screen to always give you the best experience based on your zoom preferences.

iOS and Android (v3.0.24)

✔️ Autocomplete | Filter search improvement

The Filters value list is available to support you while searching the key insights without the need to press the space on your keyboard.

✔️ Description Topic | Collection in Data Stories

Once a Description Topic is added to a Data Story, the total number of Description Topics is simply visible with a badge through which you can push the Topic in conversation and see all the belonging cards.

✔️ Forecast | Time Ranges

For Overtime (single-line) Topics, the Forecast is now available for all the following time ranges: week, quarter, and semester.

Need further help with Crystal? Visit our full Resources!

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