Interacting with Crystal can be a very stimulating experience: there are so many things you might want to ask that you don’t even know where to start, especially during your first interactions!

That’s why Crystal always provides suggestions - both on Web and Mobile - to help you ask the right questions in order to get the most critical information from your data.

Each time you log in to Crystal, a panel will appear on the right side of the screen titled Suggestions.

Crystal will always offer you 6 suggestions that dynamically change every time you ask her a question: just click on the one of interest to find it again in the conversation and continue the same with further insights!

If you decide to open a suggestion, it won't be shown anymore during the same session.

The more you use Crystal, the more she will learn from the interactions and will guide you in deepening your data: if new topics are created and published between sessions, Crystal may decide to show you suggestions related to these topics.

For example, if you asked questions about the topic "Total of sales", you might find among the suggestions questions like "Can you give me the total of sales vs costs?".

The other suggestions are meant to make you discover something that you haven’t asked yet, like "Can you find me the total price composition by vendor?".

How to make the most of suggestions

Suggestions are always welcome for getting useful insights out of Crystal, but they are especially important for beginners: they can inspire the user to understand how to formulate effective questions for the Advisor and help to know the logic behind Crystal.

Let suggestions guide you if you are unsure about how to ask a question, or about the type of insights you can get.

For more expert users, suggestions are precious to better detail the search, especially when filters are used: even if you don’t know, or don’t remember, that you can define your results, for example through a country or age filter, suggestions will remind you of this possibility!

In general, suggestions are also excellent for getting informed about a new topic you’ve never asked Crystal about.

Suggestions will guide you through the interaction with Crystal and will help you keep the conversation fluid to get you to the insights you are looking for!

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