Suggestions: what they are and how they work
Interacting with crystal can be a very stimulating experience: there are so many things you might want to ask that you don’t even know where to start.
That’s why crystal provides suggestions to help you ask the right questions in order to get the most important information from your data.
Every time you use it, crystal will provide you with three suggestions: the first two are strictly contextual and based on your latest questions. Therefore, the more you use crystal, the more it will learn from your interactions and guide you exploring your data deeper.
For example, if you asked questions about the topic Total product sales, you might find among the suggestions questions like show me the total product sales overview for 2020 and what is the breakdown of total sales by product?
The third suggestion is meant to make you discover something that you haven’t asked yet.
In this case, crystal might suggest a question about who is the average customer or the breakdown of products sold per country.
If you applied dynamic filters to some of your topics, these might be used to suggest questions, too: for example you might find a suggestion involving a geographical filter, such as show me the breakdown of sales by country, or maybe the average age of consumers.

In this case, crystal will offer general explorative suggestions, until you’ve asked at least 10 questions: after that, the advisor will base two of the suggestions on your questions.

Every time you start a new crystal session, the advisor will show you three suggestions: you can decide to ignore them or choose to open one of them. In this case, you won’t see this suggestion again during the session.
If new topics are created and published in between sessions, the advisor might also suggest these topics.

Suggestions are always welcome for getting useful insights out of crystal, but they are especially important for beginners: they can inspire the user to understand how to formulate effective questions for the advisor and help to know the logic behind crystal.
Let suggestions guide you if you are unsure about how to ask a question, or about the type of insights you can get.
For more expert users, suggestions are precious to better detail the search, especially when dynamic filters are used: even if you don’t know, or don’t remember, that you can define your results, for example through a country or age filter, suggestions will remind you of this possibility.
In general, suggestions are also excellent for getting informed about a new topic you’ve never asked crystal about.
Suggestions will guide you through the interaction with crystal and will help you keep the conversation fluid.
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