Version 2.53


Web (v2.53)

Thanks to our improved Expand Mode UI, you can enjoy a new seamless experience with Crystal!

Here are the enhancements we have been working on:

🆕 Expanded View for Topic Cards: when you click on the Topic Card, you will see a larger view - a window-like format -, instead of the fullscreen view, giving you the freedom to explore your data and navigate back and forth faster.

🆕 Simplified Card Closure: you can close the Topic Card by clicking the 'back' arrow or anywhere outside the Topic Card, except when a dialog about Key Actions from the footer is open.

In this case, you must click the 'cancel' button to exit.

Mobile (3.0.35)

🆕 Topic Card Revamp | New Filters Button & Ask Button Repositioning

You can now edit and add filters from the topic card (bottom left corner) in a much easier way. The filter button replaces the 'Ask' button, which has now moved under the 3-dot menu in the top right corner.

🆕 Topic Card | See More Filters Revamp

But wait, there's more.

A 'See more' option will be displayed when a filter is applied. Click on it to get an overview of all your filters, including the time filter. This way, you can edit or add any filter in seconds.

🆕 Gravitonium | Small Identity Logo Navigation Functionality

There are new accessibility features within the Gravitonium button that make your data exploration via app smooth like butter.

  • A Light-tap on the small Gravitonium will redirect you to the Advisor showing you the last topic you requested;

  • A Long-tap on the small Gravitonium - will redirect to the Crystal input bar to ask questions by text or voice.

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