​The Autocomplete feature enables Crystal to anticipate your best next question as you type by suggesting the most relevant Topics.

This way, you will never run out of ideas when exploring your data, and you won't need to type whole questions anymore.

This feature is always enabled by default on Web and Mobile but you are free to disable and re-enable it any time you wish: just click on the "Hide/Show Suggestions" button on the left side of the input bar.

When enabled, just start typing the question and/or the Topic you have in mind and you will have at your disposal all the matching suggested questions appearing above to be chosen and pushed in Conversation: Crystal will answer you instantly!

Furthermore, if you would like to narrow down a Topic by applying a new Filter but you are out of ideas, Autocomplete supports you with all the available Filters: once selecting one of the suggested questions offered by Autocomplete, you immediately receive suggestions on how to enrich your request by adding one of the potential Filters associated with the Topic just selected.

Here's a visual exemplification to best support you in your first interaction with the Autocomplete:

And there's more: if you already asked for a Topic and you want to Filter it more, just type in the word “and”, and you will receive all the possible Filters options to drill down the related Topic with a new Filter. In this way, you have immediate awareness of the correct Filters ist that could be applied to the target Topic without losing focus on your deep dive.

When you receive a Filter Suggestion - whether it is Filter or a Filter Value - from Autocomplete, you are now able to view only the Dynamic Filters on which you have permission to apply them to a Topic.

Autocomplete on Mobile

​On Mobile, the feature has the same functioning as on the Web.

Only as regards the Filters, they are displayed progressively as you type (including partial keystrokes) and, in the case of six or more values ​​relating to the same Filter, you can easily scroll through them to find the one that fits best for your Topic.

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