Users roles: Member and Admin

Crystal users can have different roles, depending on their purpose in using the Advisor and on the tasks they are supposed to perform.

These roles are Member and Admin.

Let’s see them in detail.

Being a Crystal Member

Members are the Crystal end-users: they can see insights and interact with the Advisor by asking questions, but they will see only those Topics which the Admins assigned them permissions for.

They can also check out the Dashboard to have an overview of the Topics they have the permissions for.

Another operation that members can do is set up Alerts in other words, they can ask Crystal to send them a periodic update on a certain value and to send a notification every time a value goes above or below a given threshold.

Members can only see insights and interact with the Advisor, but do not have access to the Console, thus they cannot create or manage Topics or add and manage other users.

Being a Crystal Admin

Admins are the project administrators and they are responsible for the connection of data sources and the creation and management of all the Topics. They can interact with the Advisor by doing everything a member can do and, in addition, they can create and modify Topics within the Console.

They can also add and manage users and groups from the Users area of the Console.

Admins decide which of the Members will have access to topics and filters by assigning permissions: check it out on this Article!

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