How to boost your interactions with Crystal

As you're exploring your data, you can perform several actions, both in the Advisor and inside all your topic cards. Let's have a quick look.

Data Story

The first button encountered in the card of each topic allows you to add the topic to a Data Story or to several Data Stories among those available.

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Ask button

Furthermore, in the topic card, we added the Ask button that allows you to ask again for a specific topic without typing twice.

This is really useful when you’re checking back on your past questions. You can resume from any touchpoint in the conversation without losing the context:

The Ask button is always available in all the topic cards: this means that it is also available in the topics within the Dashboard.

"Three dots" Menu

At the top right inside the card of each topic you can find a dedicated menu - with three dots - which allows you to have some of the most useful functions available with a click.

Here are the details of the features you can use inside:

Share topic

Among the always available actions, the sharing one allows you to share any topic with your colleagues, allowing them to explore the data of greatest interest to your business.

You can also add a custom message and decide to send them an email notification by selecting the relevant flag below.

You can share a topic regardless of the other users' permissions, with a difference:

  • if a user has permission to view this topic, he can continue the conversation from there without losing the context;

  • if a user doesn't have permission, he will receive a snapshot of your topic..


You can also set an alert for the topic you are viewing: just click on the Alert button and a message will confirm that the alert has been set.

Remember: to find out more about this feature, check out this article!


You can export the topic in Excel or PDF format to have it available for meetings and/or presentations!

Simply click on the Download Excel or Download PDF buttons and the files will be available in your device's download folder in an instant. Moreover, you will receive a notification when the operation has completed - in case it takes longer to complete.


Only for Overtime type topics, you can request a forecast directly within the topic card and receive a notification when it has been processed, to view it in the graph of your topic.

Check it out this article to discover more about the Forecast!

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