Version 2.50


Mobile (v3.0.31)

🆕 New feature: Insight Analysis

The Insight Analysis feature has come to mobile devices too!

You can ask Crystal to perform an in-depth statistical analysis on your Automated Insights.

Make more informed decisions by uncovering the key entities that influenced your business the most, as well as any other factors that impacted your data

Check out our article on Insight Analysis to learn more about this feature.

Web (v2.50)

✔️ Insight Analysis | Average and Variability

Insight Analysis is now available for the Average and Variability Insight on several Topics including Overtime, Comparison, Composition, Ranking and List.

✔️ More Intuitive Input Bar Response

When you type the first few words of a new question and press Enter, Crystal will check whether your question is an exact match with an existing Topic title.

If there are no other partial matches, Crystal will recognize your Topic correctly.

Just for Admin users

✔️ Custom Topic Titles

You can now assign custom titles to any published Topic in the Console.

Members will be able to use custom titles (instead of the default ones) when requesting Topics in the input bar.

✔️ New Data Connector: Databricks

You can now easily connect to Databricks and select it as a data source when creating new Topics.

Enjoy seamless data integration and gain deeper insights faster.

Mobile (v3.0.32)

🆕 Expanded mode for Automated Insights

You can now access and browse Insights in a dedicated section for a better data exploration experience.

Check out our article on Automated Insights to learn more about this feature.

🆕 New Navigation Bar

You can now browse through the main sections of the Advisor thanks to a new bottom navigation bar with intuitive labels (Topics, Data stories, Advisor, Notifications, Account).

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