Topic creation: Custom Topic Titles

Personalization is key. You can customize your Topic Titles and make them easier to find for your team.

What the Custom Topic Title feature is

As an admin, did you know that you can customize your topic title?

Yes! Instead of default titles - thanks to the Custom Topic Title feature - you can personalize your topic titles and make it easier for your team to look at and understand their topics.

How to Customize Your Topic Titles

Click on the 3 dots icon on the topic, then follow the steps:

That's it.

Your team can now search for this topic using the default OR the customized titles.

Multilingual Support

Crystal supports multiple languages.

Thanks to custom topic titles, you can assign a unique title for each language your topics are published in.

No matter the language you interact with Crystal, your team will understand and engage with the topics clearly.


When customizing your topic title, remember to follow our guidelines on the screen.

Watch the video:

Here are some tips:

  • Titles should contain letters only;

  • Custom Topic Titles should be 35 characters max in length;

  • Avoid special characters (such as *, -, !) and numbers;

  • Each Custom Topic Title must be unique and different from any other existing Custom Topic Titles or Default Topic Titles (DTTs) in the same language;

  • You can customize Topics in ‘ready’ and published status.

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