The Console: what it is and how it works

The Console is the crystal area where Admins are likely to spend most of their time, because it’s here where topics are created, edited and prepared for the conversation.

Here the Admins can also add and manage a Crystal project’s users.

To access the Console, an Admin user will click on the label Console in the profile menu.

The Console is divided into two areas: the Topic area and the User area.

The Topic area is where the created topics are shown and an Admin can go to add a new topic or to edit an existing one.

From here, admins can also access the management of entities (an entity is a name variation or trigger word that refers to the metrics used when talking to Crystal) and data sources connected to the project.

To add a new topic, Admins will click on the corresponding link and start the process of topic creation, which is made of four steps: connection of the data source with the data to retrieve, configuration of the topic settings, set up of filters (which is optional) and train — where Crystal is trained to recognize the topic.

At the end of this process, and after deciding who will be able to bring up this topic in the Advisor by assigning permissions, the Admin can choose to publish the topic, which will be shown here with the status published, or to keep it in the status ready, waiting to publish it at a later moment.

When a topic is published, it will be available for the Advisor’s conversations and every member with permission to see it will be able to ask Crystal about it.

The User area will allow the admins to add and manage users for a project.

To know more about this area, check the dedicated article.

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