Topic creation: review and publish

The topic creation phase is over: you have connected, configured, filtered and trained your topic.

You can now review it and check if everything is alright. You have the possibility to go back and edit all of the steps if necessary.

Remember that if you go back in the creation process by clicking on Edit on one of the steps, you will have to re-do all of the steps that come after it.

For example, if you change the data source, you will have to re-do the configure, filter and train steps - nothing will be saved.

You can now decide that you don’t want to publish your topic right away: in this case, you can skip the set permissions phase for the moment and your topic will be in a draft state until you don’t assign permissions.

But if your topic is ready and you want to publish it and use it in the advisor conversation, you necessarily need to assign permissions: in other words, you will have to decide who can see this topic and use it during the conversation with the advisor.

This is a mandatory step: you cannot publish a topic unless you have set the related permissions.

Once you have assigned permissions, you can optionally assign the filter value permissions. For example, if you want a specific group of people to be able to see data for European countries and another to see data for Asian countries, you can control this with these filter permissions. This is not mandatory, but it will help you to be more precise in retrieving insights from the advisor.

When you are done with the permissions, the topic can be published and be available for the advisor.

Note that it usually takes a few minutes for a topic to be published: in the meantime, you can continue working on other topics in the Self-Service Console.

When the publishing process will be over, by refreshing the page you will see your topic status change from publishing to published.

Remember that, whenever you will decide to publish it, you will always need to assign permissions.

Great! Now you know everything about the topic creation process. It is the time to interact with your advisor!

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