Topic configuration: data binning

During the phase of topic configuration, you might experience the need of gathering your data in more detailed groups.

Bins are virtual containers where you can split data on the basis of customized categories to provide a clearer view. A bin can for example contain groups of users split by age range, like 20-35 or 35-40 and so on.

If the group by column data type is numerical, you will find the Add data bins button as an option.

To create a bin you will simply have to indicate at least two intervals (e.g. numbers between 10 and 23). If you are not familiar with the exact values of the numerical data column, you can always access the Preview data button in the upper right corner of the configure step.

Keep in mind that the first value of the first bin and the second value of the last bin can be left empty: in this case, all the values before and all the values after will be considered.

The first number inserted indicates that the bin starts from a number that is greater than or equal to it, while the second number inserted in the bin indicates that it ends with a number less than it. For example, if the numbers inserted in the bins’ inputs are 0 and 11, the bin label will be 0 - 10. Technically the bin will include floating numbers. So, for example, if the bin label indicates 0 - 10, the number 10.999 will be included.

The numbers in the bins need to be in ascending order. For example, if the numbers inserted in the bin are 0 and 11, the first number of the second bin will automatically inherit the number 11. You can change this number to be higher than 11, but cannot change it to be lower. If you insert a number lower than 11, the Save button will remain inactive: you will have to change the incorrect value before being able to apply the bins.

After you set all the intervals, click on Save to add your bins and you will find them in the main view.

If you want to delete or edit your bins, click on the Bin button.

The edit bin view will allow you to change the intervals, add new bins, delete single bins or delete them all.

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