Version 2.55


Web (v2.55)

🆕 Automated Insights and Insight Analysis in Expand Mode

Enhance your data experience like never before in Crystal!

You can now access Automated Insights and Insight Analysis in the Expand Mode, not just from the Advisor, providing a comprehensive and detailed overview of your data.

With this new capability, you’ll streamline your interaction with Crystal, gain a broader perspective on insights, and make quicker, more informed decisions.

By offering a more intuitive interface and deeper insights, we want to empower you to embrace the full potential of your data and revolutionize your decision-making process.

Mobile (3.0.37)

🆕 Haptic Feedback Improvement

Experience the new Crystal update with enhanced Haptic Touch Feedback! Feel every interaction come to life with dynamic vibrations, improving navigation and immersion. Plus, we've squashed lots of bugs for a smoother experience.


✔️Resolved NaN Display for Key Value

We've addressed an issue where the Key Value in the chart was displayed as NaN (Not A Number). Now, the Key Value is accurately presented, ensuring clarity and consistency with the value shown at the top left of the Topic Card.

✔️Expanded Key Value Visibility

Before, the Key Values above each Chart were limited to just two, restricting your data overview. We've enhanced this feature to allow scrolling through all the Key Values that have been configured for a Topic in the Console. By clicking the arrow next to the Key Values, the carousel will now reveal all available Key Values for that specific Topic, offering you a comprehensive view in a single interaction.

✔️List Topic Data Display Fix

In the Expand Mode for list topics, only a limited collection of data was visible before. We've fixed the issue and improved the integrity and accuracy of our data visualization tools.

Now, you can trust in more accurate and complete charts, reflecting true and actionable insights for confident decision-making.

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