Topic creation: set permissions

You are eventually at the end of your topic creation process: congratulations! You are almost ready to interact with the crystal advisor.

There is only one last thing to do.

After validating your configuration, the last step is giving permissions to those that can ask crystal for this particular topic and giving permission to the filters that they can apply to the topic. For example, you may want your sales managers, but not your sales reps, to see your quarterly forecast.

To do so, press the Set Permissions button in the Permissions section. In the slide-up panel, select the groups to which you want to grant permissions for this insight. You can also use the search bar to search for specific groups. Note that, if you don't see the group to which you want to give permissions, you need to exit the recap and go to the Users section to add them.

Your selected groups will appear in the Groups selected section at the top of the page. Press the X next to a group’s name in this section to deselect them at any time. When you’ve selected the right groups, press Save in the top right corner. You’ve now set your permissions, and you’re ready to review and publish the topic.

Setting filter value permissions

Once permissions are set to the entire topic, out of those groups, additional permissions can be applied to the filters (if there are filters). For example, if you want a specific group of people to be able to see data for European countries and another to see data for Asian countries, you can control this with these filter permissions.

To do so, click on Edit filter values. You will see all of the filters that were applied to your topic. Select a filter, then click on Add new permission.

Once you navigate to that filter, you can select the exact filter values and the exact group that will have permission to apply the filter value. Click on Add to apply. You can add more permissions to the different values of the same filter or you can add permissions to other filters.

Done! Now you are ready to ask questions to crystal!

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