Does the fear of missing the most relevant info about your data ring a bell? The one bell icon is there to help!

Clicking on the icon will open the Notification Center containing all of your notifications, which will be highlighted with a small red badge anytime you receive a notification giving you immediate information about how much news is waiting for you.

For being always updated, remember to enable the push notification on your Mobile device settings.

As you might have noticed already, there are different kinds of notifications that may occur. Let's check them out one by one.


Any relevant change in your data whenever you set a Scheduled Alert or an Anomaly Detection one.

File ready

Any big-size file (for example, a list Topic with more than 1000 rows), it will be shown in the notification centre.

Shared topic

If another member or admin shares a Topic with you, you will get a notification.


You may want to ask Crystal about a forecast. Once it's ready, you'll be notified here.

Forecast is available only for single-line overtime topics.

Delete the notifications

If you have too many notifications that have already been read, you can delete them with one click using the three dots icon next to each notification.

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