What devices and browsers does Crystal support?

Here are all the browsers Crystal supports:

iOS devices

You can use Crystal on all the iPad and iPhone models that support the following iOS versions:

  • iOS 14.5-16.0

  • iOS 16.1

  • iPadOS 14.5-16.0

  • iPadOS 16.1

Android devices

You can use Crystal on all phones and tablets supporting the following Android versions:

  • API Level 21 and 22 (Android Lollipop)

  • API Level 23 (Android Marshmallow)

  • API 24 and 25 (Android Nougat)

  • API 26 and 27 (Android Oreo)

  • API 28 (Android Pie)

  • API 29 (Android 10)

  • API 30 (Android 11)

Web browsers supporting the Advisor

Do you prefer having Crystal on your laptop, or do you want to use the mobile version instead of Crystal app? No worries, here are the browsers and the related versions you can use Crystal:

Google Chrome




Mozilla Firefox


Microsoft Edge



68-91, 92

💡Note that you can also use the same browsers to open the Crystal mobile version.

Web browsers supporting the Console

Admins can use the following browsers and versions to create and manage topics from the Self-Service Console:



Google Chrome




💡Note that the Console works also on other browsers, but these are officially supported.

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