Version 2.2

A new, improved crystal version is now available! Read what was added in the Version 2.2 below:


Improvements in disambiguation

The disambiguation feature is one of the most impressive crystal peculiarities.
Now it works even better performing, thanks to the improvement of the permission handling. In the previous version, users' topic permissions were handled after disambiguation results were shown, but now they are managed before showing disambiguation results. This enhancement makes the disambiguation feature even smoother.

BETA - Automated forecasting is getting closer

As of now, crystal supports automated forecasting for overtime and single line topics upon request. But updates are on the way!
The constant work in progress is leading to various improvements on the forecast qualities. In particular, we aimed to find the best combination of approaches to provide maximum accuracy in the fastest time and to integrate and update parameters to stabilize this feature before its full release.
Although automated forecasting is still at a beta level, the expectation is to have it completely ready by version 2.4.


Use any data source type with crystal with the Web Connector

The Web Connector isn't beta anymore: the optimized version is now available on crystal. This is will allow the integration of any data source in our system.
In addition to the many database connectors available, admins will be able to integrate web services as data sources. The Web Connector allows crystal to communicate with web services (for example, REST API, Files, or anything). Developers will be able to create new services, using an SDK, to connect to any web data.
Read more about the Web Connector here.

Topic creation is getting smoother

The constant research and work on crystal’s look and feel is increasingly improving the interface. Lately, the connect step of the topic creation wizard was refined with feedback for data table addition and removal for a better user experience.
And the improvement is permanently ongoing — watch this space.

Project management area

Multiple crystal projects are now possible

Is one crystal project not enough for your needs? Thanks to the enhancement to the Project Management Area, it is now possible to create and manage more than one project. Now crystal has no limits, literally!

A discounted project: why not?

Good news for those lucky users who receive a crystal coupon: owners can now apply a coupon while creating a new project. What does this mean? That you can forget to pay the first invoice because it’s included in the coupon! Enjoy your crystal experience.
Need help using crystal? Check out the full crystal tutorials here.