How to create and manage Groups

By connecting your team to Crystal, you can share and leverage insights throughout your company, elevating the decision-making process with the help of data on-the-go.

To start, access your Console at (for example: Then, press the Users button in the top navigation bar.

From here, you can connect your company’s identity providers, allowing Crystal to access user data, and have your team quickly on board. You can also add users manually into Crystal to create groups (such as teams, branches, offices or departments that may all need to see similar data and insights).

You can move between the Tabs with the aim to see only Groups or only single Users and manage them.

Connecting your identity providers

As of now, crystal supports Google Workspace and Azure as the only identity providers supported. To connect it to Crystal, press the identity providers button on the the top right of the page, then press the IDP item that appears below (Azure Active Directory or Google Workspace).

You’ll need to ensure that you’ve already allowed your IDP to connect to Crystal. To learn about setting this up on the Google side and retrieving the necessary data points, refer to this Google help article.

From here, insert your Client ID, Secret Code, Redirect URI, Domain, and your Admin user. You’ll then need to upload your service account key file using the corresponding button. Once you’ve uploaded the file and checked that you inserted all of your IDP data points correctly, press Connect.

Your identity provider is now connected to Crystal, so you can add groups and people into crystal using your IDP profiles.

You can delete the integration between your IDP and Crystal at any time by pressing the identity providers item on Users page again, then pressing the name of your IDP when it appears below.

In the pop up box, press Delete, then confirm that you want to delete the connection.

Add groups of users manually

You can add groups of users both manually and from your identity provider.

To add groups manually, press the Add groups button near the top of the page. In the pop up box, then select the Create manually option and press Next.

You will have to choose a unique name for your group: if you pick up a name that’s already taken from another group, you will get an error message.

Click on Save to proceed.

You will now see the list of all the project’s users, among which you will be able to select the people you want to add to your group.

Select the people you want to include in this group and click on Save. You will find the group in the main Users page.

Add groups of users from your IDP

To add groups from your identity provider, first make sure you’ve connected it to crystal and then press the Add groups button near the top of the page. In the pop up box, select the Choose from IDP option and press Next. Give your group a name, then press Add.

From here, flag the groups in the list that you would like to import. Note that you can select multiple groups. You can also use the search bar to look for specific groups. You will import all of the users—including those belonging to subgroups, if present—from this IDP.

Your selected groups will appear in the Groups selected section at the top of the page. Press the X next to a group’s name in this section to deselect them at any time.

Once you’ve selected all of your groups, press the purple Invite button, then choose which role all users in these groups will have and press Assign:

  • Members: all users will be able to see the topics for which they have authorization, and interact with the advisor, but will not have access to the Console.

  • Admins: all users will interact with the advisor and use the Console to add and edit topics and manage users and project settings.

To know more about crystal users roles, check this out.

Once finished, you’ll see the new group in the main Users list.

Editing or deleting groups

You can modify a group and add or delete members only if it is manually imported: you can do it at any time by pressing the pen icon in the user’s row on the Users page. You will see the group details page from which you will be able to add or remove users from the group.

If a group is imported from your identity provider you can only edit its members’ roles and choose whether they all are going to be admins or members.

You can also choose to Delete a group: the users will still be part of the project but will no longer belong to this group.

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