How to invite users manually
You can invite other people to be part of your crystal project. To do that, you can use the Add people button in the upper right corner.
Once clicked on the button, you will have the opportunity to insert all the details of the people, you want to invite.
To invite a new user you will need to provide (mandatory fields):
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
You might also want to indicate:
  • Job title
  • Country
The role selection means that you can choose to invite the user as an admin or as a member.
The difference between the two roles is that:
  • Members: are able to only see topics, and interact with the advisor, but will not have access to the Self-Service Console.
  • Admins: are able to see topics and interact with the advisor but also to add users and topics, and modify topics and settings within the Self-Service Console.
You will see that the member role is selected as default, but you can always change it to admin.
To know more about crystal users role, check this out.
If you need to add more than one user at the same time, you can select the Invite another option: in this case, when clicking on the Add button, the user is added and the view will be refreshed to allow you to insert the new user’s details.
When you click on Add, an email will be sent to the new user with an invitation link to enter the project.
You will be sent to the user management area, the section where you can manage all the users in your crystal project and a confirmation will be shown in the screen to confirm this action.
The user just added will have a pending status, it means that this user has not logged in the project yet. The status will change to active once the invited user completes the first login in the project.

What if the link that user receives doesn’t work anymore?

When users are invited to a project, they receive an email with an invitation link that expires in 24h. If users click on the link after the expiration, they will be taken to a courtesy page explaining that this link doesn’t work anymore and that they can send a request to the project admins and ask for a new invitation link to enter the project.

What can you do if you receive an invitation request from a user?

You received an email from an invited user with a request to generate a new invitation link: in this case, you can enter the user management area through a link that you will find in the same email, and resend the invitation by clicking on the icon next to the pending status of the user. The system will generate a new invitation email to the user.

How many users can I invite?

Depending on your subscription plan, user seats are limited to a specific number. You can check this number in the upper part of the screen (close to the Add people/Add groups buttons):
We hope this article was helpful! Check out How to create and manage groups for other useful info.
If you have any questions about crystal’s features, you have encountered a problem or you would like to share your feedback, contact us using this form.
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