crystal users roles: Member, Admin and Owner
crystal users can have different roles, depending on their purpose in using the virtual advisor and on the tasks they are supposed to perform.
These roles are: member, admin and owner.
Let’s see each of them in detail.

Being a crystal member

Members are the crystal end-users: they can see insights and interact with the advisor by asking questions, but they will see only those topics which the admins assigned them permissions for.
They can also check out the Dashboard to have an overview of the topics they have the permissions for. (Mind that texts topics are only available in the conversation).
Another operation that members can do is set up alerts: in other words, they can ask crystal to send them a periodic update on a certain value and to send a notification every time a value goes above or below a given threshold.
Members can only see insights and interact with the advisor, but do not have access to the Self-Service Console, thus they cannot create or manage topics or add and manage other users.

Being a crystal admin

Admins are the project administrators and they are responsible for the connection of data sources and the creation and management of all topics. They can interact with the advisor by doing everything a member can do and, in addition, they can create and modify topics within the Self-Service Console.
They can also add and manage users and groups from the Users area of the Console.
Admins decide which of the members will have access to topics by assigning permissions.
Essentially, they are responsible for the set up of crystal projects and the ones to refer to in case of issues with crystal.

Being a crystal owner

The owner of a project is the only person in the project that can manage the project plan and payments. For example, if a project needs an upgrade because more topics or data sources are needed, or if you want to add more users to your project, the project owner will be the one responsible for this.
Owners will take care of payments and invoicing from the Project Management Area.
Here the owners will have the opportunity to add other projects, change their names, upgrade or downgrade crystal plans, adding or cutting seats and edit the payment details, by choosing between yearly or monthly billing, changing the payment method and the billing address. They also have the option to see and download the history of all the paid invoices.
Each project only has one owner: the person that originally created it. Admins cannot assign or unassign the owner role to and from different users.

Can roles overlap?

Members are the regular crystal users, so all admins and owners will also have the member rights, although it’s not the other way around.
Admins and owners can coincide, meaning that one of the admins can also be the owner of a project, but this is not necessary. However the owner - who is the person that registers to crystal, creates and opens the project for the first time - will have to act as the first admin as well, in order to access the Self-Service Console and invite other users to the project. The owner will also assign the roles of admin and member to the first people invited.
Once at least one other admin is on board, the owner can either continue performing admin tasks as well or just concentrate on the project management and delegate the project configuration to other admins.
We hope that this article was helpful to better understand who our users are and their roles. Check out more from our Tutorials to deep dive into crystal!
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