The Project Management Area: what it is and who can access it
The Project Management Area in crystal is where you can add, edit and delete details related to all of your crystal projects. You can also view and update details related to billing, seats and invoices, and see an audit of your activity history.
The Project Management Area of crystal is accessible once you’ve registered with the crystal product. When you register and create your first project, you officially become the owner of your crystal environment, meaning you are the single user with permission to manage project plans and features for each project that you create.
Once you’ve created a project, you then have access to another area of crystal, the Self-Service Console.
In the Project Management Area you can:
  • Create your first project and any additional projects
  • Edit existing projects
  • Upgrade or downgrade your plan and seats
  • Manage payment details and billing cycles for existing projects
  • Manage your subscriptions or unsubscribe to a project
  • View all invoices for your projects
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