Crystal Mobile v3.1.0

Below are the new features and bugs fixed in the latest version of Crystal for Mobile.

🆕 Design Renewal of "Light Table" Visualization for Topic Objective "Description"

Now the Light Table Visualization for the Topic Objective "Description" has a new design for both iOS and Android!

You are now able to perform a vertical-scrolling on the table.


✔️ Blank Space After Notification Opening (iOS)

Before - After tapping on a notification, the Topic appeared in Advisor with a blank space on the top.

Now - The blank space has now been removed.

✔️ Autocomplete Suggestions Including Predicted Word (iOS)

Before - In the Autocomplete feature, the suggested sentences were generated by taking into account the predicted word.

Now - The suggested sentences are generated without taking the predicted word into account, as the predicted words should not be considered as input until you accept the suggestion.

Bugs and fixes are regular activities for the iGenius team, but your contribution as a Crystal user is crucial! If you need more help with Crystal, visit our Resources.

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